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Barber Shop Jewelry Heist Trimmed Short

The thieves grabbed shampoo on their way out



    Barber Shop Jewelry Heist Trimmed Short
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    These burglars' plan hit the bricks.

    A group of burglars on Chicago's West Side tried to pull off a Hollywood style caper by busting into a jewelry store through an adjacent hair salon.

    But all they got from their scheme was a few bottles of shampoo. according to the Chicago Tribune.

    The burglars who tried to break through the brick wall at Dilshad's Hair Design into NP Jewelers at 2647 West Devon had done their homework. The thieves used a stick to move a closed circuit camera in the back of the gem store before breaking into the salon at around 8:30.

    The came equipped with tools and even punched a small hole through the dividing wall. But that's when their scheme hit the bricks. 

    "They broke through the wall and that set off the motion detector alarm in the jewelry store,'' Rogers Park District Lt. John Franklin told the Chicago Tribune. "They (the store) had a loud siren alarm that may have tripped them up, something spooked them."

    The burglars heard the motion alarm and apparently grabbed some shampoo and bolted -- without conditioning, tsk tsk.

    Cops say a pair of thieves was seen entering a white Honda sedan in the alley behind the building and driving east.