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Chicago Baseball

Bad Chicago Baseball Leaves Beer Vendors Ailing

Vendors report decreased sales at Wrigley Field and The Cell



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    Vendors are the ones crying in the beer at Wrigley Field these days.

    So much for crying in your beer.

    Beer and liquor sales are supposed to be immune to lean times, but that doesn't appear to be the case when it comes to Chicago baseball.

    While official numbers aren't available, ESPN Chicago spoke with several Wrigley Field beer vendors who admit their sales have been dropping steadily over the past few seasons, including one vendor who's down 15 percent compared to last year.

    Another vendor said fans are less willing to pay the marked-up price of $7.75 for a Budweiser or Old Style product to watch a rebuilding team.

    Vendors also say it's a different crowd showing up to Wrigley these days -- more families and bargain hunters as opposed to young adults more likely to buy multiple rounds at the game, according to the web site.

    Things are even worse on the South Side, where the White Sox are only averaging around 22,000 fans a game. One vendor told ESPN he's down 25 percent this year.