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Former Bachelorette Doesn't Have High Hopes for Ed and Jillian

DeAnna Pappas says she's not sure their relationship will work out.



    Former Bachelorette Doesn't Have High Hopes for Ed and Jillian
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    Jillian and Ed are finally roomies.

    Former "Bachelorette" star DeAnna Pappas knows all about train-wreck relationships, and she claims her Bachelorette successor Jillian Harris and fiancé Ed Swiderski are riding the rails to disaster.

    "I do hope it works out for them; the odds are against them," said Pappas in a Us Weekly interview. Harris and Swiderski have a couple of marks against them, they're a TV couple and they've already been the subject of tabloid rumors about their relationship.

    Pappas, who avoided disaster by not picking Jason Mesnick, the reject-turned-Bachelor star who dumped his fiancee on the air for second-choice Molly Malaney, the combination of hyper-focused attention and rumors of infidelity will prove to be too much for the young couple.

    Jillian doesn't seem like she'll throw in the towel easily. The Canadian beauty recently moved to Chicago to be with her man, transforming his bachelor pad into a love nest and the saccharine sweet couple has also been spotted canoodling around town, announcing their love for one another to passersby, according to E Online.

    Maybe Pappas' radar is malfuntioning.

    "Supposedly Jillian and Ed are still together, and head over heels in love," Pappas said she heard from a friend.  "It seems to be working so far."

    Pappas, who also reveals she wasn't a fan of Swiderski's, thinks "The Bachelorette" sets contestants up for disaster.

    "I think some people go on the shows with different intentions and maybe they are not open in the beginning what their intentions are," she told Us. "in the end, you get duped."

    Pappas famously broke things off with snowboarder Jesse Csincsak last year, proclaiming she just "wasn't in love" with him.

    Surprisingly Pappas gives ex-suitor Jason Mesnick and his new flame her blessing.

    "They are so happy, and I do think that they are going to get married," Pappas told the magazine.

    Yeah, this girl's relationship radar is right on the money.