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Baby Hoax Blog Update: "I'm Sorry...I Lied"

Social worker posts apology on blog



    Baby Hoax Blog Update: "I'm Sorry...I Lied"
    But it was all a hoax.

    Beccah Beushausen says she is sorry.

    Sorry for saying she was "April's Mom," the woman who blogged the details about giving birth to a child diagnosed as terminally ill in the womb.

    Beushausen, the 26-year-old social worker from suburban Chicago, posted an apology Sunday after duping thousands of supporters and anti-abortion activists into following her fake story for months.

    "I know this post will not change what has been done," she wrote. "I lied and I am not trying to hide that, nor am I trying to minimize it. Worse still, I lied to a community of people whose only intention was to support me through this time and that is wrong, and for that I am sorrier than you could know."

    The story unraveled after "April's Mom" said she gave birth to her miracle baby, only to watch the infant die hours later. Followers noticed a problem when posted pictures of "April" actually turned out to be a well-known doll.

    "I have that exact doll in my house," said Elizabeth Russell, a doll maker from Buffalo who had been following the blog. "As soon as I saw that picture, I knew it was a scam."

    Beushausen wrote she really did lose a son shortly after birth in 2005. She started her blog in March to help deal with that loss and to express her strong anti-abortion views.

    "I am no stranger to losing a baby. I have suffered this type of loss, more than once, to varying degrees, and while the circumstances and times vary (spanning from between my college years through just this last year), the pain is very constant," she wrote.

    Beushausen said she did receive some donations that she plans to give to a local agency and she has no plans to cash in on the hoax.

    "I have received phone calls and e-mails all week but have NO intention on talking with any more media outlets at this point," she wrote.

    As for blame, Beushausen said it belongs to her.

    "I am sorry. Sorry for the lies, sorry for it all. I need to take all of the responsibility for this. I acted alone and need all of you to understand that. I am sorry."