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At Trump Tower, Everybody Loves D. Rose

"The staff loves him," Trump said



    The Donald told Jonathon Brandmeier that the Chicago Bulls star is beloved by the staff at Chicago's Trump Tower. (Published Wednesday, June 20, 2012)

    Derrick Rose makes a good neighbor.

    The Chicago Bulls guard had a noted absence from his condo in Trump Tower earlier this week, but when he is present, everyone, including the building's owner, enjoys the experience.

    In an interview Wednesday with Jonathon Brandmeier, Donald Trump handed out praise for his famous tenant.

    "I have to tell you about Derrick Rose," he said. "The staff loves him. He's the finest guy. Everybody in the building loves him."

    Trump also handed out praise for another Derek on his friendly personality.

    "Derek Jeter--great, everybody loves him," Trump said. "But Derrick Rose, everybody loves. Some athletes, they don't like so much."

    Trump declined to name those athletes.

    You can catch more of Brandmeier's interview with Donald Trump on Brandmeier Saturday at 1:05 a.m. on NBC Chicago, after Last Call with Carson Daly.