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April Goes Down as Warmest in Illinois History

Great news for farmers



    April Goes Down as Warmest in Illinois History
    jim grant
    Sunflowers on a Sunny Day !!!

    This April, Illinois didn’t have too many showers -- which are supposed to bring in May flowers -- but who cares? We had a record-breaking balmy month.

    April 2010 went down warmest ever in the Prairie State.

    Illinois state climatologist Jim Angel of the Illinois State Water Survey said Monday that the statewide average temperature in April was 58.4 degrees, 6.2 degrees above normal. This April beat the record of 58.2 degrees set in 1955.
    It was also a pretty dry month with less rainfall than normal -- precipitation in April was 3.5 inches, or 0.3 inches below average. But there were areas in western Illinois that received more than five inches of rain.
    For one group of people it’s especially great news: farmers.  The water survey says the warm and dry conditions in April were favorable for fieldwork in most areas of Illinois.

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