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Alleged Terrorist Back in Court



    Alleged Terrorist Back in Court
    Mousketerrorists: A pair of Chicago area men were arrested by the FBI for allegedly planning a terror mission intended to kill a Danish cartoonist who drew satiric images of the prophet Muhammad.

    Tahawwur Hussain Rana, 48, swears he's not a terrorist.

    He's one of two men charged in what prosecutors say was a plan to launch a terrorist attack on a Danish newspaper. Today a judge is set to make a decision on wheter Rana will be allowed to go free on bail.

    Investigators accuse Rana of making an airline reservation for another defendant in the case — David Headley — to go to Denmark to scout out the newspaper as part of a plot to bomb it and kill a cartoonist who drew images of the Prophet Muhammad that sparked outrage throughout the Muslim world.

    Prosecutors say Chicago businessman, and Candian citizen Rana is a danger to the community and might flee if released.

    But defense attorney Patrick Blegen says Rana may be nothing more than an innocent businessman who was duped by Headley.

    "He adamantly denies the charges and eagerly awaits his opportunity to contest them in court and to clear his and his family's name," Blegen said.

    Rana and Headley, both originally from Pakistan, are both charged with conspiracy to provide material support to an overseas terrorism conspiracy.

    If convicted of the conspiracy charge, Rana faces a maximum of 15 years in prison. Headley, who is also charged with conspiracy to comit murder outside the US,  faces a maximum of life imprisonment.