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Alleged Cartel Leaders To Appear in Chicago Court

Federal judge to set new trial date for Vincente Zambada



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    Two alleged leaders of Mexico's powerful Sinaloa drug cartel are expected to appear in a Chicago court.

    At Tuesday's status hearing, a federal judge will set a new trial date for Vincente Zambada.

    Mexico extradited the other suspect, Alfredo Vasquez Hernandez, last week. His attorney, Paul Brayman, says that, if asked Tuesday, Hernandez intends to plead not guilty to drug trafficking charges.

    Zambada's trial was supposed to start this month. But Judge Ruben Castillo indicated in a recent filing that he'd set a later trial date to give attorneys more time to prepare.

    Both Zambada and Hernandez are charged under the same 2009 indictment.

    Federal authorities say Hernandez was regarded as a right-hand man to Sinaloa leader Joaquin Guzman, while Zambada's father is considered the cartel's co-leader.