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Aid Workers Set to Leave O'Hare as Second Quake Hits

Walgreens is sending gallons upon gallons of clean water, too



    Aid Workers Set to Leave O'Hare as Second Quake Hits
    Aid workers are boarding United Flights right now.

    A group of relief workers were boarding a United Airlines flight to Haiti when yet another quake rattled the country this morning.

    Their trip just became all the more urgent.

    "If I could I would swim there," said Juliette Bosquet, one of the relief workers waiting to board a plane this morning.

    She won't have to swim.

    This morning's flight is one of the first of about 30 planned trips by United Airlines to Port-Au-Prince to support global disaster relief agencies.

    "We had the equipment, we had to jump in," said Sonia Jackson, a spokeswoman for Uniteds disaster relief effort.

    The U.S geological survey says the country was rocked by a 6.0 magnitude quake, just a week after a 7.0 magnitude quake leveled the Caribbean country.

    Current estimates place the death toll at close to 200,000; no one knows how many are injured or suffering.

    Zach Beck, president of the relief organization Chasing Lions, said he was bringing a bag full of medical supplies. He expects to use them all.

    "What we're hearing about is a lot of fractures and a lot of crushing injuries," he said.

    Along with the aid workers and medical supplies, Walgreens is sending along pallets of bottled water. Optimism is high among those getting ready to travel. But the latest quake has given some aid workers pause.

    "It makes me think that when I get to Port -Au-Prince I don't want to go into any buildings," said Bill Parker before he boarded the plane to Haiti.