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Activists Protest Animal Auction

4H Club says it's not animal cruelty, it's farming



    Activists Protest Animal Auction
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    Protesters targeted an animal auction at the Lake County fair this weekend.

    Several protestors showed up to this at the Wagner Farm in Glenview during a pig auction to draw attention to what they say is animal cruelty, reports the Chicago Tribune.
    Since it was established in 2002 the 4H Clovers club – which on its Website boasts membership of “57 children from the ages of 8 to 18" – has generated some controversy. In part because the livestock sold are raised on Glenview Park District Land.  But also because most animals sold at the auction are headed to the slaughterhouse.
    One of the animals on the auction block was a pig named Buddy raised in part by 11-year-old Mata Stilp and her brother Hans, reported the Chicago Tribune.
    While those kids didn’t seem to have a problem with Buddy’s eventual end, some people like Anne Hoffman did.   She even started a Facebook page “Eye on Wagner Farm” to bring attention to the farm’s and its practice of selling the animals to a “factory farm system” which she says can be cruel.
    4H director Todd Price counters these accusations by saying the process is regulated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Plus, he told the Tribune, children and adults learn about the hard work involved in getting food to stores, and from stores to their plates.
    Saturday’s protestors didn’t stop the auction though and Buddy the pig sold for $2.50 a pound.