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Accused Beason Killer Heads to Court

Meanwhile, security has been stepped up for the surviving daughter



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    A mugshot of Christopher Harris.

    The man accused of brutally killing five family members in the quiet farming town of Beason last month is scheduled to appear in court today.

    Relatives of Christopher Harris say they also plan to show up. They insist Harris is innocent.

    Harris, 30, has been held at McClean County Jail while he awaited his plea hearing.

    He is accused of killing Rick and Ruth Gee, and their children -- Justina Constant, Dillen Constant and Austin Gee -- whose bodies were discovered Sept. 21. 

    Harris was once married to Raymond Gee's daughter Nicole, who was not a victim of the attack. They have two children and relatives say they recently got back together.

    Meanwhile, the small girl who survived the brutal attack, Tabitha Gee, is still under surveillance at the hospital. Police officers are standing guard over the 3-year-old, and Nichole Gee, Harris' ex-wife has been barred from visiting her.

    “They think she (Nicole Gee) knows something, not that she had anything to do with it, but that she might be withholding information, and she’s told them so many times everything she knows,” a relative told the State Journal Register said.

    Nicole Gee and Christopher Harris divorced in 2007, but they continued to see each other. They have an 8-week-old child together, as well as a 9-year-old.