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Capitol Hill Hottie in Car Accident

Slid over an ice patch in Peoria, not injured



    Capitol Hill Hottie in Car Accident
    Illinois Hill Hunk Aaron Schock is not only the youngest congressman in the country, he's also the most stylish. He's the subject of a GQ Fashion spread this month.

    "Capitol Hill Hottie" downstate congressman Aaron Schock lost control of his car after sliding over a patch of ice in Peoria yesterday, according to his office.

    Schock was on his way to an official event, according to a rep, when his car slid into another vehicle "after hitting a small patch of ice."

    No one was injured in the accident, which his office described as "very minor."

    Asked if police were involved, Schock's rep said "I do not believe so."

    No word on whether the incident will affect Schock's modeling career.