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Fight Over a Bike Leaves One Teen Dead

Two brother face first degree muder charges



    Fight Over a Bike Leaves One Teen Dead
    Kareem Haynes' bike sits where he left it before the Roxborough High School freshman was murdered.

    A pair of brothers are believed to be behind the stabbing death of another teen.

    The motive: they wanted his bike.

    Police say 19-year old Floyd Alexander and his brother Michael Alexander who is 17 years old, of Bellville,  are under police custody and have been charged with first degree murder charges in the death of 18 year old Jarell Fountain.

    According to prosecutors the three teens had an argument over a bicycle early on Thursday.

    Fountain’s body was found stabbed to death later in the day.

    Bail for the brothers was set at $1.5 million dollars, they are being held at the Belleville city jail.

    An arraignment is set for this morning.

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