‘Totally Defenseless': 91-Year-Old Man Brutally Attacked on Bustling Chinatown Street

A 45-year-old man is now in custody for the attack, but so far police have not mentioned a motive.

An elderly man is in intensive care after a brutal attack on a bustling street in Chicago's Chinatown neighborhood during broad daylight Tuesday. 

Family members said 91-year-old Yen Jit Wong had just gone to a coffee shop and was walking home around noon in the 2400 block of Wentworth when a suspect approached and punched him in the face. 

Wong fell to the ground and suffered head injuries. He was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital where he was last listed in stable condition, officials said. 

The attack happened in front of several witnesses who screamed for help. One witness flagged down an off-duty Chicago police sergeant walking in the area. 

"I actually got flagged down by a female who witnessed the situation," Deputy Eddie Garcia said.

Garcia said he called for help and gave a description of a suspect who was later tracked down and taken into custody. Charges were pending Wednesday morning against the 45-year-old man, but police have not yet mentioned a motive. 

"He’s totally defenseless," said Raymond Wu, who owns Best Choice Oriental Store in the area. "Why beat up an old man like that?"

Dr. Kim Tee, a community organizer in Chinatown, said the neighborhood has several watch groups and safety patrols but he would like to more officers walking and patrolling the area as well.

Wong's son-in-law said the entire family is still in shock. His family said he is a simple guy who loves to see his grandchildren and they hope he pulls through.

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