8 Protesters Arrested at Obama Campaign HQ

Protesters were arrested for criminal trespass to property

A week before the NATO Summit lands in Chicago, eight protesters were arrested Monday inside the building that houses President Barack Obama's campaign headquarters.

"We do not believe that NATO is a helpful force in this world," said one participant in the protest, "And we want to promote an alternative."

The protesters, associated with the Catholic Worker movement, were arrested for criminal trespass to property, Chicago Police said.

The group was seen entering the building at 130 E. Randolph around 8:30 a.m., walking around the lobby and taking the escalator into the building. A majority of protesters funneled out before officers escorted eight people out of the building.

The demonstration is one of multiple protests planned ahead of this weekend's summit at McCormick Place. The Occupy movement plans to protest Monday afternoon in support of more public school funding and will join another group at 10 a.m. for immigration reform.

As protests ramp up, so does Chicago's police presence.

On Michigan Avenue overnight, squad cars and vans from several police districts were seen on nearly every corner. It's not clear whether the vehicles were present for a drill or show of numbers, but the department's media relations department either couldn't or wouldn't comment.

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