Officials Announce 7-Station Red Line Overhaul

$86 million project will fix up seven Red Line stations

Red Line improvements are coming soon, Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced Friday beside Gov. Pat Quinn and Sen. Dick Durbin. But repairs will be accompanied by closures.

The $86 million first phase of a $1 billion capital investment initiative involves seven of the CTA's oldest rail stations starting with the Granville stop on June 1. As CTA repairs begin, each station will close for six weeks.

Repairs to Morse will begin on June 29 followed by Thorndale on Aug. 17, Berwyn on Oct. 5, Argyle on Aug. 24, Lawrence on Oct. 14 and Jarvis on Nov. 9. Adjacent stations will remain open during each set of repairs.

“I am committed to repairing the city’s crucial infrastructure and creating the opportunity for Chicagoans to move around the city and get to and from work with ease,” said Emanuel said in a statement.

Emanuel said the work, including viaduct repairs, waterproofing, lighting and installation of new doors and windows, will create 250 jobs.

Emanuel noted the Morse station opened in 1908, when the Cubs won the World Series. "After a 100 plus years, it's time for a face lift," he said.

Durbin noted $80 million of the total cost for the project will be funded by the federal government.

"The Red Line is the heart of the CTA rail network,” said Durbin in a statement. “It is also one of the oldest CTA rail lines and most in need of repair."

"Our economy depends on our transportation," Quinn said, adding, "It's important we have choices for people."

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