Cyclist Tells of Robbery on 606 Trail

Serious bicyclists, like Lloyd Peters, tell NBC 5 they've had it with the violent crimes against those on two wheels lately--especially on and around the 606, Bloomingdale Trail.

In the past week, police have sent out community alerts about 3 cyclists attacked and robbed by armed men this month.

Peters explains how his friend was the fourth, most recent victim on the 606 on Friday night. The 21-year-old was heading to a friend's house about 10 p.m. near Wood Street.

Lloyd says his friend's was taken by force by a group of young boys.

"Some guys jumped out the bushes with knives basically cut him off," he said.

The friend wasn't hurt, but his $550 bike is still missing.

The bike community has been vigilant about getting stolen bikes back to their owners by using Facebook accounts to track the thefts.

Police say if you're the victim of a crime like this, try not to panic and remember as many details about the assailant as possible.

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