Loyola Fan, 6, Picks Ramblers to Win in Mom's Office Bracket

Teddy Roessler, 6, is like most Loyola fans — except he predicted the Ramblers would make it to the Final Four.

“I thought, ‘should I bring Loyola all the way to victory?’ and I was like in my head, I was like, ‘OK. Sure,’” he told NBC 5 Thursday.

His mom Katy let him fill out a $10 bracket in her office pool.

“He just loves sports,” she said.

He picked Loyola to beat Villanova in the championship.

“I thought 'should I talk him out of it'?" she said. "It’s such a long shot. But I was like, no it’s his pool. He can do what he wants."

Teddy felt confident after going to a game at Loyola this year and meeting the players.

“They really showed a lot of courage and power,” he said.

Confident enough in his basketball knowledge and skills, to even challenge a reporter to a game of pig.

“I was wondering if he’s good enough to beat me," Teddy said. "It seems like it’s not true."

He’ll make $180 if Loyola wins it all.

“I’m feeling pretty excited,” he said.

His parents say he can keep the winnings.

“He’ll get to take all the winnings, as long as he buys me something with it!” Teddy's dad Steve joked.

But Teddy has other plans.

“XBox!” he shouted when asked what he'll buy.

His mom says her coworkers are actually rooting for Loyola and Teddy.

“They’re all ok losing to a 6-year-old,” she said.

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