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5-Year-Old Sleepwalks to School

"If it was December or January, it could have been a sad ending"



    5-Year-Old Sleepwalks to School
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    That walk to school is easier when you're awake.

    One little boy from St. Charles likes school so much that he dreams of being there.

    Police were called to Anderson Elementary School  at 1:30 am Sunday because a 5-year-old boy apparently had a bout of sleepwalking that brought him to his school.

    They found him unharmed but a bit dazed, according to Kane CountyLt. Pat Gengler.

    The boy only lived a few blocks away from the school and had wandered there because he wanted to watch a movie with his mother.

    Apparently, his mother had told him on Saturday about a movie night at the school, Gengler said.
    After they figured out who the boy was – he had no identification and couldn’t remember his address -- he was returned home to his surprised parents, who were still sleeping.

    "This is just kind of one of those way-out-there things," Gengler said. "We're lucky and we're happy it turned out this way. If it was December or January, it could have been a sad ending."

    According to KidsHealth.org, sleepwalking is more common in children than adults. It often involves more than just walking, although the sleepwalker rarely remembers what happened. About 15 percent of children will sleepwalk between 4-12 years of age, according to Medicine.net.

    Information from STNGWire was used in this report.