5 Tips to Save Money During Chicago Area Heat Wave

With temperatures nearing 100 degrees, here are five ways you can save some green as weather maps turn red

As temperatures rise, so will electric bills, but area residents and experts are offering up tips on how to save some green as weather maps turn red.

Tip 1: Put More Than Ice in Your Freezer

Some tips offered to NBC 5 by area residents are fairly obvious, but still effective. If you’re looking to stay cool as you go to sleep at night, you can put your pillowcase in the freezer during the day and take it out when you’re ready to hit the hay. The cool feeling of the fabric will help you stay comfortable as you fall asleep, even if the room around you is warmer than usual.

Tip 2: Spice Up Your Meals

Another tip, offered up by La Magdalena’s Addison Alberto, seems completely counter-intuitive, but could do the trick for you during this heat wave. If you’re eating dinner, make sure to add some hot sauce to the dish, as it will help you to sweat and to naturally cool off your body.

Tip 3: Make Cool Temps the Star of the Show

If you’re looking to go to a movie theater to take a break from hot temperatures, you’d be advised to go earlier in the day. Not only will you get the maximum benefit of the excellent air conditioning available in most theaters, but you’ll also get to save some money, as most chains offer discounted admission prices in the afternoon.

Tip 4: Let Local Attractions Cool You Off Too

Most people will head to shopping malls and movie theaters for relief from the heat, but local libraries can be great too, according to various experts. So you can keep cool while digging into the hottest of bestsellers.

Tip 5: Make Sure to Clean Your Air Conditioner Filter

“Make sure that your condenser is clean of any debris,” HVAC technician Craig Lee says.

A clean air conditioner filter is less likely to fail when the mercury soars, and with scalding hot temperatures approaching, you’ll want to make sure everything is working out.

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