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Arrested Protesters Dispute Molotov Cocktail Report

No charges had been filed as of Friday morning



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    It happened Monday night in the rear driveway of an apartment complex on the 4500 block of North Lawrence Street.

    Chicago police have released four protestors who were arrested in a raid in the Bridgeport neighborhood late Wednesday. 

    Another five are still in custody, and are scheduled to appear in bond court at 12 p.m. Friday. 

    Reports indicate the protesters were arrested because police suspected them of making Molotov Cocktails in a Bridgeport home, according to the protester's lawyers. 

    They suspects say they weren't making explosives, but rather homemade beer. 

    According to a release from the National Lawyer's Guild, who is representing the protestors, no charges have been filed.  

    "The city has so far not indicated the reasons for the raid, what they are charging the protesters with, nor provided any evidence of wrongdoing. The National Lawyers Guild is still seeking a copy of the search warrant affidavit used in the raid," a statement from Guild spokesman Kris Hermes said.  

    Thursday, Garry McCarthy said there had been no arrests, and that the action was part of an inquiry.  

    Darrin Ammussek of Philadelphia, PA, one of those arrested in the raid and then released on, will speak at a press conference today at Kedzie and Harrison, District 4, at 12:30 pm. Joining him will be representatives from the National Lawyer's Guild, as well as Zoe Sigman, who lives in the Bridgeport apartment that was raided.

    "The National Lawyers Guild (NLG) refutes claims by the Chicago Police Department that Molotov cocktails were recovered in last night's house raid in Bridgeport. Police confiscated home brewing equipment -- not Molotov cocktails -- and are falsely claiming that Occupy activists were involved in criminal activity. The city has so far failed to produce any evidence or the search warrant affidavit used in the raid," a release from the lawyers guild said. 

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