$30K in “Lord of the Rings” Swords, Guns Stolen

A Willowbrook man had over $30,000 worth of guns, movie props and personal effects stolen

These thieves apparently got caught up in the magic of Hollywood.

After being away from his home for a week, a Willowbrook man returned to find $30,000 worth of movie memorabilia, firearms, cash and personal effects stolen, the Willowbrook Police Department reports.

The homeowner, who was away while his roof was being repaired, returned to find his backdoor broken into, a safe opened and his belongings gone, police said.

An avid movie memoribilia collector, the homeowner had four replica swords from the "Lord of the Rings" movie stolen as well as memorabilia from the "Aliens" movie and a Spartan helmet from the movie "Troy".

Other items found missing included an AK-47 assault rifle, a sniper rifle, thousands of dollars in cash and an estimated $18,000 in watches, he said.

Thieves had used a saw to break open the safe and remove the guns, cash and watches.

Police questioned neighbors about the roofing company, but no one reported seeing the roofing employees in the house or any suspicious activity during the homeowner's absence.

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