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Mom Allegedly Stashes Coke in 3-Year-Old's Sock

Mother charged with neglect for leaving drugs in son's clothes



    Mom Allegedly Stashes Coke in 3-Year-Old's Sock
    Lake County Sheriff
    Araceli Gutierrez, 34, is charged with neglect of a dependent, a Class D felony.

    An East Chicago mom hasn't been putting her best foot forward -- or her son's.

    Araceli Gutierrez was charged with neglect of a dependent after she allegedly left a bag of cocaine in her 3-year-old son's sock, reports the Post-Tribune.

    On January 22, Gutierrez left her little boy with her sister, said Schererville police, but she never indicated when she would return to pick him up.

    That evening, Araceli's sister gave the boy a bath. As she was re-dressing him in clothes Araceli had left, he complained that there was something in his sock. Inside, the boy's aunt found a clear wrapper filled with white powder.

    Kinda puts new meaning to "blow your socks off."

    Local police and Child Protective Services came to investigate the matter.

    Gutierrez has a record of bad parenting, according to the Post-Tribune. In 2008, she was reportedly charged with child neglect when her son was found on the roof while she slept in the apartment.

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