Alexandria Fisher

26 Mantras to Get You Through Each Mile of the Bank of America Chicago Marathon

Here’s a list of 26 mantras to help cross the finish line on Marathon Sunday

The 2019 Chicago Bank of America Marathon is just under two weeks away and as you check things off your to-do list make sure you add one more thing, choose your marathon mantra(s).

Some people write it on their arm and a few marathoners will have a friend draw a beautiful design of it for a sign. Most will need it as they push through the most difficult part of the race, the mind over matter part. 

As you choose your race day gear, post-race brunch plans and family meet-up located, make sure you wake up on race day with a motto. 

Here’s a list of 26 mantras to help cross the finish line on Marathon Sunday.

1. Leave fear behind and lock into faith.

2. Run steady. Run strong.

3. I can and I will.

4. Breathe.

5. Push through.

6. Hydrate. Run. Repeat.

7. Strength trumps fear.

8. One more mile closer to the finish line.

9. As the race gets longer, the body gets stronger.

10. I am a conqueror.

11. Legs that fly.

12. I’m built for this.

13. I can do all things.

14. Appreciate every second.

15. Trust your body.

16. Stronger every mile.

17. Keep moving. Keep grooving.

18. Bust through the wall.

19. Feel the energy, embrace the crowd, be fully present.

20. Relentless.

21. Believe in yourself, the body will listen.

22. Unstoppable.

23. Run your own race.

24. This race might be tough but I’m tougher.

25. My able body can do extraordinary things if I just believe.

26. Get out your own head and focus on the athlete inside of you.

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