1 Dead, 1 Injured in Student Stabbing

Both students were taken to Christ Hospital in serious condition, police said

Update: Teen charged

One student was killed and another was seriously injured Thursday morning after police said the two were stabbed by another student. The suspected attacker is in custody.

Police said Chris Wormely, of the 4500 block of South Lawler Avenue, and another student were stabbed by another male student at about 7:40 a.m. at AMIKids Infinity Chicago. The facility is a "therapeutic" alternative school formerly known as Goldsmith Public School, at 10211 S. Crandon Ave.

The injured students, both 17, were taken to Advocate Christ Hospital and Medical Center in serious condition. Wormely later died.

His mother, Charmaine Prince, described the teen as a "big marshmallow" who was looking forward to becoming a father. Wormely's family seen he was at the school because of a learning disability and that he feared going to the school.

They said he wouldn't wear his new red winter coat "because of all the gang-banging going on."

A school worker told NBC Chicago two students "got into an altercation" when they arrived for school. The attack happened just inside the doors of the school, police said, adding that Wormely was the attacker's intended target.

It's not clear if the students must pass through a metal detector.

The attacker, also 17 years old, was immediately arrested after the stabbing, according to police. Classes resumed as scheduled.

"Oh my God, that's ridiculous," said neighbor Larry Thigpen when he heard about the stabbing. "That's why I walk [my kids] to school so nothing happens."

Linda Reese, who lives near the school, said she saw the red tape outside the school and thought someone had been shot.

"I'm kind of scared and my daughter's like, 'Can I go to school early,' cause usually I take her late, but she was afraid," Reese said. "She was scared you know."

Thigpen said the stabbing is especially scary because he said it's a good neighborhood that's clearly starting to change.

"I'm ready to move now," Reese said.

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