2 Injured in Lightning Strike Before Sheridan Fireworks Show

Two people were injured in a lightning strike in Sheridan, Illinois, on Wednesday night, officials said.

Sheridan Police Chief Chuck Bergeron said the two people were injured before the start of the village’s Fourth of July fireworks display.

Witnesses described a chaotic scene in the town about 65 miles southwest of Chicago. 

"I seen the sparks and stuff and felt it through the ground," said Melissa Herring, who was at the fireworks show when lightning struck. "It blew my toes up in the air and blew my hand off of the door."

"I noticed that there was somebody down down here and I see it come down and I think it was just - I don't even think it struck the tree, I think it struck the ground," said Brianna Hoopes, adding, "I see one man laying there and a woman screaming."

Further details, including information about the victims or their conditions, were not immediately available. 

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