2 Firefighters Injured in Albany Park Apartment Fire

Two firefighters were among four people hurt in an Albany Park apartment fire.

A next door neighbor's dramatic cell phone video seen above shows fire breaking out in the back of an apartment building on the 3300 Block of West Berteau.

"I started smelling more smoke and I went out back and I saw all the flames and stuff," neighbor Patrick McLaughlin said.

The fire broke out just before 10:40 am, quickly spreading, and eventually gutting the entire two-story building.  

"It was just scary cause it started small and then it just really engulfed," McLaughlin said.

Firefighters rescued two people, including a disabled woman who lives on the first floor.  

"They made an effective rescue on the first floor, continued their primary search, made a rescue on the 2nd floor," a spokesperson for the fire department said.

Three dogs and three cats were also rescued.  Firefighters treated the animals using oxygen masks specially-designed for pets.  

"The fire department was excellent. They came and just put it out real quick," McLaughlin said.

The two firefighters who suffered minor injuries are expected to recover.

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