Two Families Remain in Cabrini-Green

Both families live in the Cabrini-Green high rise located near the North Side

They refuse to leave, but now a judge is ordering two families still living in a Cabrini-Green high rise to move out.

A federal judge ruled that both families have 10 days to leave the 15-story building located at 1230 N. Burling St. in order for the Chicago Housing Authority to begin demolition plans, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Back in July, the residents of the building were notified about having to relocate to other CHA buildings before Jan. 4, according to the Chicago Tribune. But after there were only 19 families left in the building, they issued a 60-day notice.

Last Tuesday, the last seven families agreed to move out, but last minute, two families reversed course and decided to try and stay. That's when the CHA stepped in -- again -- filing a motion to remove them. The CHA says they asked for an emergency closure order because it's unsafe and expensive to have only two families living in the building that houses 134 families.

The Chicago Tribune reports that an attorney representing one of the families says the new temporary home that was offered to them is not suitable since there is seven of them. The attorney also said the family prefers to move into a newer development built on the Cabrini-Green property. However, CHA officials say that move is unfair to other people on a waiting list.

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