2 Found in Morton Grove Home Died of Natural Causes: Medical Examiner

Police said they believe the bodies have been in the home for weeks

Two people found dead in separate bedrooms of the same residence in suburban Morton Grove Wednesday died of natural causes, officials said Thursday.

The Cook County medical examiner’s office listed the deaths as natural causes Thursday afternoon after a death investigation conducted by police. Police said they believe the bodies had been in the home for more than a month's time.

The bodies of Lorraine Thorne, 94, and Walter Thorne, 62, were found in a home on the 8900 block of Meade Avenue after police were dispatched for a wellbeing check. Neighbors reported they had noticed mail gathering in front of the residence and snow had not been shoveled for some time. Responding officers examined the exterior of the home before making entry and finding the two bodies inside.

Police said Walter died before Lorraine. Neighbors said he took care of her.

Neighbors told NBC 5 they grew concerned after not seeing the Thorne's for some time.

"I noticed the snow wasn't shoveled when it did snow and the car didn’t move for a while,” neighbor Daniel Lim said. “The son would move around but it seemed like the mother stayed at the house.”

Police were looking for additional family members to notify as of Thursday afternoon.

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