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$2 Million Bond for Kustok

Allan Kustok maintains his wife, Jeanie, committed suicide.



    $2 Million Bond for Kustok

    The Orland Park man accused of murdering his wife, teacher Anita "Jeanie" Kustok, and then driving her body to the hospital was ordered held on $2 million bond Friday.

    Allan Kustok, 59, denied killing his wife, saying she committed suicide with a .357 caliber handgun he had purchased at her behest in 2009.  He showed no emotion during Friday's court hearing.

    He told investigators he awoke to a loud sound of a gunshot, then grabbed the gun from her hand and threw it across the bedroom. He then related that he wiped the blood from her face, retrieved the gun and put it to his own head before firing the remaining rounds into an armoire in the bedroom.

    Kustok did not call 911 and waited 90 minutes to drive her to the hospital.

    "Upon investigation, it was learned, the victim arrived wearing nighttime bed clothing and wrapped in the defendant's green house robe and the fitted sheet and top sheet of the master bath," Orland Park police said.  

    Children Sarah and Zak Kustok, a former Northwestern University quarterback, attended the bond hearing Friday morning and sat on their father's side of the room. Sarah Kustok, a sports anchor for Comcast SportsNet, looked visibly upset when prosecutors described how a bullet tore through her mother's head.

    Defense attorney Pete Rush said the children's presence in court should have signaled to the judge that Allan Kustok didn't deserve a high bond amount.

    No Sibling Rivalry Betweek Sarah, Zak Kustok

    [CHI] No Sibling Rivalry Betweek Sarah, Zak Kustok
    April 2, 2000: Both college athletes, Sarah and Zak Kustok are also each others' fans and confidants.
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    "The Kustok children know and believe that their parents were true parents," he said.  "The Kustok children know that their father could not have committed the acts that the state's accused him of. I ask that you all respect their privacy, remember that they are children and remember that their lives have been torn apart. The couple's next-door neighbor said she wasn't aware of any marital problems and said that Allan Kustok was always nice to her."

    The SouthtownStar, citing sources, reported Friday that marital infidelity was the cause or led to the shooting.  Allan Kustok, sources told the newspaper, had maintained an extramarital affair for the past five years.

    The 58-year-old Jeanie Kustok was a beloved elementary school teacher in Riverside.