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1,500 Applicants Want to Live in Museum



    It's a big PR stunt, and it's paying off in a very big way.

    The Museum of Science and Industry made an offer: move into the museum for an entire month -- and write a blog about it, tweet and mingle to earn $10,000.

    About 1,500 people from all over the world applied to be MSI's new "roommate," sending in their pictures and posting their video applications on YouTube. From the clever to determined and way over the top, people tried just about anything to win their spot inside a glass display at the MSI.

    "It's a great opportunity. It's good money. It's fun, and it's free rent for a month," said Chicago applicant Jim Haluczak.

    The museum will pick the finalists in the next few weeks, then hold interviews in Chicago before the winner is picked.