14 Chicago-Area Hot Dog Joints Named in ‘America's Best' Ranking

Chicago reaffirmed its hot dog supremacy this week as 14 area hot dog joints were named in a list of the nation's best.

The Daily Meal food and drink website compiled a list of the 75 best hot dog stands and restaurants in the country in honor of the Fourth of July, and Chicago nabbed several top spots.

The highest ranking Chicago restaurant is Fat Johnnie's Famous Red Hots, which came in at No. 3, behind Pink's in Los Angeles (No. 2) and Katz's Deli in New York (No. 1).

The Daily Meal referred to Fat Johnnie's Famous Red Hots as "admittedly a bit of a sleeper" due to its unassuming facade and small space inside, but the authors praised the restaurant's "Mighty Dog" — a hot dog and tamale on a bun with chili and cheese — as "one of the best dogs you'll ever have."

Other Chicago-area hot dog stands and restaurants that made the list are:

  • Wiener's Circle (No. 6)
  • Murphy's Red Hot Joint (No. 16)
  • Superdawg (No. 17)
  • Byron's Hot Dog Haus (No. 18)
  • Gene and Jude's (No. 21)
  • Portillo's (No. 24)
  • Franks 'n' Dawgs (No. 26)
  • Devil Dawgs (No. 27)
  • Mustard's Last Stand, Evanston (No. 34)
  • Wolfy's Double Dog (No. 37)
  • Vienna Beef Factory (No. 47)
  • Gold Coast Dog (No. 60)
  • Jimmy's Red Hots (No. 61)
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