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Baseball Team Sues City of Zion

Owners claim city leaders misled team about building ballpark



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    Kevin Costner and his fellow owners have filed suit against the city of Zion.

    A failed attempt to build a baseball stadium in Zion will play itself out in a courtroom.

    The owners of the Lake County Fielders -- which includes actor Kevin Costner -- filed a lawsuit against the city last week seeking $10.7 million in damages, and specifically names Mayor Lane Harrison and others.

    Grand Slam Sports and Entertainment claims the northeastern Illinois city misled the team about the prospect of building a ballpark and got up in politics and selfish interests.

    Zion City Attorney Scott Puma declined to comment on the litigation.

    The team and the city battled a few months ago over $340,000 in back rent for the baseball field the team was using since 2010, according to the Chicago Tribune.