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City Worker Helps Bust Murder Suspects

Streets and Sanitation worker notices and trails suspect, calls 911



    A city worker describes how he turned in a couple of home invasion suspects. (Published Friday, Oct. 21, 2011)

    Tuesday started out as an ordinary morning for Streets and Sanitation worker Ray Souchet.

    He was making his rounds in the Avondale neighborhood when he noticed something strange.

    "I seen an individual running out of a yard about three doors down. What caught my attention about this individual is that he came out with a mask, latex gloves and a hoodie sweater,"

    Authorities say Souchet was witnessing the aftermath of a home invasion that led to the shooting death of 15-year-old Andre Vasquez, and critically injured his mother, Krystal Hethcoat. A 14-year-old girl managed to escape from the home.

    Two Shot in Avondale Home Invasion

    [CHI] Two Shot in Avondale Home Invasion
    Two masked gunmen stormed into the home on North Lawndale Avenue shortly after 8 a.m. Tuesday where a mother an her two kids were getting ready for their day.
    (Published Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2011)

    Souchet immediately called 911 and followed the suspect, describing his appearance and the car he eventually hopped into with two others.

    "I pulled out of the alley and I made eye contact with him. At the same time, I grabbed my clipboard to play it off like I'm not watching him," Souchet said.

    Souchet was able to direct officers to the car. But it wasn't until later that he found out about the crimes the suspects are accused of committing.

    "I was shivering, I was shaking," Souchet said. "We made eye contact and apparently they didn't want to leave any witnesses behind."

    Vasquez and his 14-year-old sister were getting ready to leave for school when the incident occurred.

    Souchet says he doesn't consider himself a hero, and that he'd definitely do the same thing again.

    "Our neighborhood is very important. We can't let them take over our neighborhood. We have to step up," Souchet said.

    Sean Williams, 33, Davonta Williams, 17, and Jennifer M. Vojinovic, 27, each face one count of murder and several other charges.