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Local 9/11 Families Want More Proof

Families not fully convinced bin Laden is dead



    Victims' families say they want more proof it's really bin Laden. (Published Monday, May 2, 2011)

    While much of the country celebrated the news of the death of Osama bin Laden, some victim's families aren't quite convinced the U.S. got their man.

    Chicago's John Olender -- whose daughter Christine was an assistant restaurant manager in the World Trade Center and died in the terrorist attack -- says he'd like to see more proof that the person shot in Pakistan is definitely bin Laden.

    "They say that they got him and they killed him, but there is no proof. They didn't show the body, they didn't show nothing," Olender said.

    The victim's mother, Stella, says 10 years hasn't helped dull the pain from that day, but she says this new development could be the start of a healing process.

    "If it is the person that they say it is, if there'll be peace and no more fighting, then it will help," Stella said.

    Chicago's George Talhami lost his brother Robert inside the World Trade Center. He's pleased to hear the reports that bin Laden is dead, but he also wants to see proof that they got the right person.

    "When they started saying they've already buried the guy at sea, that sort of got to me. Why would they do that?" Talhami said.

    "I'm very happy that they caught him, not only for my family, but for all the other families. But will it stop any oncoming trouble from them? I don't think so."