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Four Adults Found Unconscious With Children Present

Drug overdoses suspected in Palos Hills incident



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    Jacqueline Stoffey was listed in intensive care in a coma. She's seven months pregnant.

    Four members of a Palos Hills household were found unconscious and suffering from apparent drug overdoses in a home with children present last week, according to police.

    Jean Stoffey, 34, was pronounced dead at a local hospital. The incident happened two days after she was released from prison, according to the Chicago Tribune.

    Stoffey's mother, sister and sister's boyfriend were all found passed out in the home with hypodermic needles nearby, the Tribune reported. Two children, aged 5 and 6, were also in the home, waiting for dinner.

    Stoffey's sister, Jacqueline, who is seven months pregnant, is listed in intensive care.

    Their mother, Debra Pietrzyk,, and Jacqueline's boyfriend, 29-year-old Justin Benoit, both have been charged with misdemeanor child endangerment, according to the Tribune.