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Thief Steals Girl Scouts' Cookie Money

Community pitches in to recoup lost money and more



    See how a Cary Girl Scout troop turned tragedy into triumph. (Published Monday, March 21, 2011)

    A Carey Girl Scout troop managed to turn tragedy into triumph after someone stole the money they raised from selling cookies.

    Girl Scout Troop 1347 had just wrapped up a day of selling cookies outside a Walgreens store Saturday when they noticed that the $417 they raised from selling 80 boxes was gone.

    "We couldn't find it anywhere. We checked everywhere and it was nowhere, so it only could have been stolen," Girl Scout Samantha Wageman said.

    Troop leaders called police, but investigators couldn't generate any leads because all the cameras were pointed inside the store and the troop was selling cookies outside.

    "I was just really upset that someone would do that to someone who hasn't done anything and actually helped the community," Girl Scout Nina Royales said.

    After the local paper ran the story, radio station Star 105.5 decided to broadcast live from the same Walgreens Monday morning and invited the troop to sell the rest of their cookies during the program. The girls managed to sell all of their cookies and raised $1,200.

    But instead of pocketing all of the money, the troop is sending the extra cash to the Girl Scouts of Japan, who are dealing with the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami.

    "That experience was amazing because you see how good your community is to you," Girl Scout Makenna Claypool said.

    The troop looks at their gesture as payback. because the Girl Scouts of Japan reached out after 9/11.

    Anyone who wants to help out can send donations to:

      Girl Scouts of Japan
      P.O Box 5046
      New York, NY 10087-5046
      Memo: Girl Scouts of Japan Relief Effort