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11-Year-Old Wants to Be Mayor

Oak Forest Boy On Path To Becoming Mayor Someday



    11-Year-Old Wants to Be Mayor

    Like many 11-year-olds, Tyler Biederman has grand occupational dreams. 

    But he's not angling for astronaut or fireman.

    Biederman wants to be mayor of Oak Forest, according to the Southtown Star. It sounds as though he's already started campaigning.

    "I want to know about the fire department, the police department. I want to get to know the mayor and everybody on the city council” says the young boy.  “I’m fascinated by the lawmaking process, I even have a few ideas on what kinds of laws I would like to enact once I’m elected to office”

    The grade-schooler told his mom, Valerie, that he wanted to be a politician sometime in the second grade, but his dreams really took off when he joined Oak Forest Neighborhood Watch and became the youngest, and some say, most active member.

    "The way to having the best and safest neighborhood is to know what's going on in the city government" Tyler told the Southtown Star.

    He uses the topics discussed at the meetings to learn about other areas of government.

    When Tyler walks through his neighborhood he is very aware of his surroundings. He is vigilant of any issues that might compromise the safety of others.For his dedication and hard work, Tyler recently received praise from Dennis Mitzner, chairman of the city’s crime prevention commission and head of Neighborhood Watch in the Fieldcrest neighborhood. 

    “We need more youngsters to take a lead from Tyler’s example, because sooner than later, they will become the adults of the world trying to protect their communities from crime,” Mitzner told the Southtown Star. 

    Tyler  is so dedicated that he actively corresponds with his alderman Laura Clemons of the first ward about important issues in his community. He even talks quite frequently with Mayor Hank Kuspa.