Man Finds $104,000 Endorsed Check

Jim Burke found a cashier's check on the floor of Northern Trust Bank on Deerpath and turned it in to the bank

A Lake Forest man was in for a surprise when he picked up two pieces of paper a couple weeks ago at Northern Trust Bank on Deerpath and found a cashier's check for $104,000.

Jim Burke, a retired banking executive, told the Lake-County News Sun he was in a "mild state of shock" when he picked up what he thought was trash.

Burke said he picked up an envelope and saw that the cashier's check was endorsed and was negotiable, according to the newspaper.

After the find Burke said he quickly came to his senses and never thought of cashing the money.

He turned the check in to an officer at the bank and continued on with his day.

Burke is a long-time Deerfield resident and moved to Lake Forest 18 months ago.

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