1,000 City Jobs Hanging by a Thread

One thousand Chicago city jobs are on the chopping block, and a meeting today could determine if the ax is going to swing.

Mayor Daley is expected to ask union leaders today for concessions to save the money and prevent layoffs. If the union won’t budge, as many as 1,000 workers could be laid off this week.

The potential layoffs will be all non-emergency positions – meaning they won’t include uniformed police or firefighters.

Daley has asked most workers to take 16 days without pay to avoid the layoffs – but so far, the unions have refused.

The city is not saying specifically which jobs would be affected, but the union said it would include crossing guards, traffic control aides and civilian workers in the Police Department.  Chicago Public Schools is also facing layoffs.

Daley, who is currently sick with the flu, is hoping for some kind of compromise to avoid the layoffs entirely.

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