10 People Injured After Being Ejected From Boat in Indiana

10 people suffered injuries after they were ejected from a boat in Indiana’s Lake Gage on Saturday night.

According to Indiana Conservation Officers, four of the people suffered serious injuries, with one passenger suffering a fractured skull and another having the lower part of their arm amputated in the accident.

At approximately 7:13 p.m. on Saturday night, a 20-foot boat being driven by Fort Wayne resident Dominique Effinger cut into a violent turn, ejecting all 10 people that were on the vessel. The boat continued to travel around Lake Gage, causing property damage and serious injuries, according to police.

Conservation Officers were ultimately able to throw a rope around the propeller of the runaway boat, but not before it struck several passengers, a dock, and the back end of the patrol boat that police deployed to deal with the situation.

Police arrested Effinger and charged the 20-year-old with Boating While Intoxicated and with possessing alcohol as a minor, according to a press release.

According to Fort Wayne’s NBC, Effinger was released on bond from the Steuben County Jail. 

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