10-Week-Old Puppy Stolen From Aurora Pet Shop, Police Say

The baby Shih Tzu was stolen from the store on Wednesday evening, police said

Aurora police are asking the public for help after a 10-week-old puppy was stolen from a suburban pet store.

According to Aurora police, the baby Shih Tzu puppy was stolen from its cage at the Furry Babies store at the Fox Valley Mall on Wednesday evening.  

The brown and white dog weighs only a few pounds and is slightly bigger than a human hand, police said. The dog was valued at approximately $3,400.

Store employees told police the store was extremely busy on the evening the dog was stolen, and they noticed the puppy was missing between 7  and 7:30 p.m.

Multiple men were caught on camera stealing a puppy from a pet store in suburban Joliet Monday.

At least two thefts have previously been reported at the store. In Feb. 2018, a man stole a French bulldog puppy from the store, worth an estimated $6,000. In Sept. 2019 an English bulldog puppy was stolen from the store, but was returned two days later.

Just last week, multiple men were spotted on camera stealing a puppy from a Furry Babies location in suburban Joliet.

Aurora detectives are asking anyone with information on the theft to call the Investigations Division at 630-256-5500.

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