Walgreens Pulls Plug On OTC Genetic Testing

Reversal comes hours after FDA challenged product.

Pathway genomics p1
Pathway Genomics

Just two days before they were to hit store shelves, Walgreens says it's holding off on plans to carry a personal genetic test kit.

The reversal came hours after the United States Food and Drug Administration sent a letter to the kit's creator, Pathway Genomics, asking it to show that it has regulatory approval or prove why it should be sold without the agency's blessing.

After learning of the FDA letter, Walgreens said it's holding off on selling the tests.

"In light of the FDA contacting Pathway Genomics about its genetic test kit and anticipated ongoing discussions between the two parties, we’ve elected not to move forward with offering the Pathway product to our customers until we have further clarity on this matter," Walgreens spokesman Jim Cohn said in a written statement.

Priced at $20 to $30, the kit claims to offer information on users' possibility of developing conditions like Alzheimer's disease, breast cancer, or diabetes.

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