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A Rainbow of Produce Can Keep You Healthy



    Foods colors hold the their benefits. (Published Tuesday, June 22, 2010)

    At dinner tonight, look down at your food. Not at the kind of food. But at the color of the food.  Knowing your foods colors is a good way to remember how nutritious they are.

    Red foods like tomatoes will help cut the risk of heart disease, cancer and strengthen your immunity. Orange and yellow foods can protect your skin and lungs. Purple, dark red and blue foods boost brain power, and also protect the heart. And white foods, like garlic, are good for the heart and can help against certain cancers.

    "All of these chemicals that are in the foods that we eat are basically the plant's own immune system.  So when we eat them, we are protecting us from head to toe from chronic diseases," said registered dietitian Dawn Jackson Blatner.

    For more information check with the American Dietetic Association. And then go fill your grocery cart with all the colors of the rainbow.