New Laser Blasts Fat Away

Liposuction alternative hits Chicago

Want to melt that fat away?  Some doctors are now touting Zerona, a new FDA approved procedure. 

It's a way of body-sculpting that removes fat without invasive surgery or chemical injections.  Your down time is minimized, and you can forget months of recovery that can accompany traditional liposuction. 

Patients in some studies have lost more than 3 inches from their waist, hips and thighs.  Usually just one or two treatments a week are prescribed.  The duration of treatment depends on how much fat the patient wants to drop.

The Zerona laser emulsifies the fat in your cells. That fat then seeps out and your lymphatic system takes over, picking it up and transporting it into your digestive system, where it is eliminated from the body with your bowel movements.  Sounds a little nasty, but it's far less invasive than the vacuum-cleaner-like device used for liposuction.

Doctors warn patients need to know the importance of a good diet, so the fat is properly eliminated from their bodies.  If they don't eat well during treatment, the fat can be re-absorbed back into their bodies, negating the effects.

Dr. Gary Barsky is the first to bring the procedure to the area. 

"With this new technique, it is safer and easier than ever to get rid of difficult-to-lose fat deposits and achieve the more attractive contours everyone wants," Barsky said.

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