Go Outside and Play!

Forest preserve wants you to get out more

If you sit under fluorescent lights all day like we do, this may come as a shock: there are trees, grass, streams, and even sunshine (on a good day) just outside your door.

The Cook County Forest Preserve wants those of us who tend to sit in front of a computer all day to get out and explore the world, so they’re targeting us in the only places we can be reached – on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The idea is to get you to explore the district's Web site and the parks themselves. The Forest Preserve is going all-out with billboards and ads on CTA buses with a muscle-bound guy doing a push up and the slogan, “Your 68,000 Acre Health Club.  No Membership Required.”

They also launched a new Web portal to their site that shows off the campaign.

The Stairs at Swallow Cliff
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