Experts: Breast Feeding is Best

Method Teaches Infants To Listen To Body Signals

It's long been thought that the breast is best for the for baby.

Now, researchers say breastfeeding may prevent children from becoming obese later in life. It's not the breast milk, but the method of feeding that's responsible, researchers say.

Temple University researchers found preschoolers whose mothers bottle-fed them as babies were more likely to be overweight than preschoolers who were breast-fed. The reaserch is preliminary but they think moms who use bottles are more likely to feed baby according to time schedules and set amounts of food.

While breast-feeding moms are forced to rely on cues from baby to know when he's full. This, in turn, helps babies listen to their body's own signals telling them they're full and when it's mealtime. The good news is that an infant's feeding needs aren't set in stone. So whether it's bottle or breast, every mom can learn her baby's cues when it comes to eating habits.

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