‘We're in a Surge,' Chicago's Top Doctor Says Of COVID Cases

Chicago is averaging 501 COVID cases per day – an 18 percent increase over the previous week.

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“We're in a surge.”

That’s what Dr. Allison Arwady, Commissioner of the Chicago Department of Public Health said during a Facebook Live Thursday morning about Chicago’s COVID-19 numbers. 

“In terms of what this looks like in our numbers overall, we are in the high transmission risk range,” she continued.

Chicago COVID Cases and Hospitalizations

Chicago is averaging 501 cases per day – an 18 percent increase over the previous week.

On hospitalizations, Arwady said the city is “averaging about 256 Chicagoans being newly hospitalized with COVID each day.” While Arwady isn’t as concerned with ICU capacity – currently, just 60 older, mostly vulnerable and largely unvaccinated Chicagoans are in the ICU – that could change as the holidays approach. 

“I expect there to be some more transmission associated with holidays, especially where people who are not vaccinated are gathering,” Arwady said.

Where Vaccinations In Chicago Stand

Although positive COVID cases in Chicago are up, vaccines are trending upward, with nearly 13,000 Chicagoans getting vaccinated each day.

People between the ages of 40 and 69 getting vaccinated at the highest rate. 

Unvaccinated teenagers continue to have the highest COVID case rate in Chicago. 

“We are absolutely in the middle of this COVID increase. [It's] not a surprise as we head into winter,” Arwady said. "I know we emphasize this, but right now is the time to get vaccinated for the holidays. It does start to build protection, and sooner is going to be better.”

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