Rebound Season 2, Episode 12: ‘Sometimes It's Not Up to Us'

Behind the scenes as businesses try to bounce back from the pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic may have threatened small businesses across America, but these companies are rising up despite the challenges.

In "Rebound," we go behind-the-scenes of three Black-owned businesses to see how they are bouncing back from the coronavirus pandemic. Whether it’s creating a tall glass of lemonade, a colorful balloon sculpture, or make-up products for darker skin tones, each business has a unique and refreshing story to tell.

As the nation continues to battle challenges brought on by the novel coronavirus, companies are adapting in creative ways - even as employees get laid off and PPP loans remain in limbo.

Ava Party Designs, Gourmanade, and Mented have all transformed their businesses in some way to stay thriving through the pandemic. Now, they are offering some inspiration along the way. 

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