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Illinois Mask Mandate: Where Will Facial Coverings Still be Required After Mandate Ends?

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As the state of Illinois prepares to roll back its mask mandate for indoor spaces, there are still some places were facial coverings will continue to be required.

According to a press release from Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s office, the mask mandate will be repealed for most indoor spaces by Feb. 28, assuming that COVID metrics continue their rapid downward trajectory.

Where will the exceptions to the rule be? Here’s what we know so far:


There is pending litigation over mask requirements in Illinois schools, but the Pritzker administration says it intends to keep those rules in place if they are upheld by courts.

“As the CDC reaffirmed just today, masks remain a critical tool to help keep schools safe and open,” Pritzker said.

Health Care Settings

Hospitals, doctors’ offices and other facilities are being asked to continue their masking requirement, in accordance with CDC guidelines.

Long-Term Care Facilities

Federal rules require masks to be worn by staff in long-term care facilities, and the state says the mask mandate will remain in place in those areas as long as the federal government requires it.

Congregate Settings

This group includes prisons, homeless shelters, and other areas where groups of individuals congregate in close quarters.


This subset includes federal requirements that airline passengers wear masks. Passengers and drivers on buses and trains are also required to wear masks, per guidance from the Department of Transportation.

Daycare Centers

Masking guidelines will remain in place from the Department of Children and Family Services, according to Pritzker’s office.

Select Municipalities and Businesses

Pritzker’s administration says that any municipality or business that wants to keep stronger COVID mitigations in place, including mandatory masking, will be allowed to do so.

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